John Saylor

Chairman Emeritus
John Saylor
Commonwealth Trading Partners Inc (CTP

Mr. Saylor has over 45 years of diversified international trade development, manufacturing and transportation experience.   Currently he is Director of the International Trade Group for Commonwealth Trading Partners in Alexandria, Virginia, a diversified solutions firm which provides project management and international trade control system solutions, including export management, anti-terrorism and nonproliferation solutions for commercial and government clients around the world.  Mr. Saylor is a frequent international traveler having visited and conducted business in over 90 countries around the world.

Mr. Saylor is a former State Commissioner for the Ports of Virginia and past Chairman and current Chairman Emeritus of the Virginia-Washington, DC District Export Council having been appointed by the Secretary of Commerce.  Mr. Saylor is also President of the U.S.-Serbia Business Council and is solely responsible for having the former Yugoslavia’s Most Favored Nation status restored in 2003 after the fall of Slobodan Milosevic.  He is a former Chairman of the Shipper Advisory Board of the National Maritime Council and a past Chairman of the Virginia Conference on World Trade.   Additionally, Mr. Saylor currently sits on the Board of Advisors at George Washington University’s Center for International Business Education and Research.  He is a frequent speaker in the U.S. and abroad on trade matters.

Mr. Saylor is an avid outdoorsman and has a passion for skiing, biking, hiking and mountain climbing, having climbed Mt. Rainer and Mt. Baker in the state of Washington and successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in 2017.